Cathy Martin

Cathy Martin

Passionate Leader • Opportunity Driver Business Maven

President & CEO

I LEAD an energetic marketing organization that strives to cultivate business stability within the senior living industry. I understand the delicate balance between preserving mission and growing census. I organize teams that integrate expertise and heart into the process of striking that balance. I aspire to make a difference in the lives of older adults in need of care and housing by working tirelessly—and gladly—to assist the communities they call home. I am committed to using my ever-evolving marketing know-how to shape businesses that enrich the lives of today’s senior.

Hamlyn Staff

Our approach to your marketing initiative is comprehensive, and we staff to support it. Our dedicated team rolls up their sleeves alongside you to improve or sustain your business stability.

Dick Murray

Chief Finance Officer


Operational Guide

Bottom Line Preserver

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Victoria Cozens

Vice President of Marketing

Communication Expert


Problem Solver

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Jerry Gallagher

Senior Client Manager


Goal Seeker


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Jacquie Miller

Marketing Manager

Process Streamliner

Bottom Line Preserver

Goal Seeker

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Sharon Santori

Client Manager

Big Picture Organizer

Sales Mentor

Thoughtful Contributor

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Sandra Leach

Customer Service Manager

Data Agent

Communication Caretaker


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Hamlyn Talent

Meg Judson


Allison Roddy

Social Media

Janet Thomas

Media Buyer