We are a highly-focused marketing team who takes on your sales and occupancy goals as our own.

At Hamlyn Senior Marketing, we serve the senior living industry—exclusively.

We are information collectors. Number crunchers. Data interpreters. Change agents. Goal seekers. Goal reachers. Celebrators of your success.

We’ve worked across the nation with a long list of senior living communities that include CCRCs, Assisted Living, Independent Living and Memory Care, to name a few. We understand the challenges unique to each service and are able to draw upon our diverse history to help manage yours.

Though we can’t resist a stubborn challenge, we also like to support a great track record of success. If your community is already flourishing, then of course, you want to keep it that way. In this case, we’ll merge forces to monitor sales and operations and to keep communications fresh, with a keen eye on the need for change, if it arises. There is no room for complacency in the competitive senior living market, so taking measures to maintain your status quo is smart business.

Whether your community is in distress, needs a marketing shot in the arm, or is looking to preserve stability, call Cathy Martin, CEO of Hamlyn, at 856.857.0800 to talk. She’s waiting to hear all about your goals and is ready, with an energetic team in place, to help you reach them.

Cathy Martin

Cathy Martin

Passionate Leader • Opportunity Driver • Business Maven

President & CEO

I LEAD an energetic marketing organization that strives to cultivate business stability within the senior living industry. I understand the delicate balance between preserving mission and growing census. I organize teams that integrate expertise and heart into the process of striking that balance. I aspire to make a difference in the lives of older adults in need of care and housing by working tirelessly—and gladly—to assist the communities they call home. I am committed to using my ever-evolving marketing know-how to shape businesses that enrich the lives of today’s senior.

Jacquie Miller

photo of jacquie miller senior living marketing consultant and expert

Communicator • Motivator • Sales Coach

Managing Partner

I BUILD relationships, effortlessly. I communicate openly and generously with the sales teams I support. I lay groundwork for immediate rapport to create conditions for a dynamic exchange of ideas and strategies. With the mindset and heart of a mentor, I energetically contribute my lengthy industry experience to each community I represent. I aspire toward excellence in performance and lead my teams through example to reach—even exceed—their sales goals.