Call Support

Media advertising and direct mail are terrific ways to communicate with your prospective residents and their families.

However, no printed word can replace the power of an engaging, two-way conversation—voice to voice.


Jump Start Lead Activation with Hamlyn Call Support

Are you and your team talking to your prospective residents and their families on a regular basis? Are you reaching them by phone in a timely manner after a call or a visit? Are you finding ways to keep in touch as they move through the decision-making process?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions, then Hamlyn Call Support is a service worth integrating into your sales effort. Hamlyn Call Support provides your sales team with a seasoned senior living expert who…

  • Makes daily calls on your behalf to keep your lead base active and current
  • Conducts timely follow-up calls that keep lines of communication open and conversations going
  • Skillfully adjusts communication style and language to match those of your leads, which helps them engage comfortably and hang up pleased
  • Cleans up your database by eliminating contacts who are no longer viable
  • Takes meaningful notes that enable all parties with database access to understand lead preferences and needs

Hamlyn Call Support is ideal for the sales team who…

  • is very busy with other day-to-day sales and marketing obligations
  • needs help paring down a database that has been neglected
  • wants to make every effort to keep a finger on the pulse of its target audience

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