What We Do

Our goal is to keep your wait list long.

How do we do it? We get to know you in as many ways as possible. Your team, style, culture and preferences are unique to you. We respect that and seek to understand what’s precious to you and what needs to change. We study:

  • your mission
  • your sales goals
  • your position in the marketplace
  • how your community perceives you
  • messages you put out there
  • how you communicate
  • how you package your community in print and other media
  • how you attract your target audience
  • systems in place that help you reach sales targeted goals
  • ways you track, interpret, document and respond to lead activity
  • your procedures to keep your lead pipeline full
  • your team dynamics

Then, we make a plan that we’ll implement together so whatever it is you want is exactly what you get. Convert more leads to sales? Check. Grow occupancy? Check. Increase revenue? Check. Differentiate you in the marketplace? Check, again.

Thirty-five years of senior marketing experience have given us the information we need to get you where you want to go. We’re also hungry learners, always keeping up with industry trends, cutting edge communication technologies and new strategies to boost census.

Whether your community is in distress, needs a marketing shot in the arm, or is looking to preserve stability, call Cathy Martin, CEO of Hamlyn, at 856.857.0800 to talk. She’s waiting to hear all about your goals and is ready, with an energetic team in place, to help you reach them.