Yes, knowledge is power, but only if you put it to good use. We do, in a number of ways, but always in the ways that are best for you.

Our approach to your marketing initiative is comprehensive, and we staff to support it. We have a solid in-house team who rolls up their sleeves alongside you to improve or sustain your senior living business success. We also have a select team of niche-specific specialists at our fingertips and will engage their services whenever necessary. We seek only the best, so geography is but a minor detail. Services include:

Marketing Audit

Benchmarks, trends, ratios and percentages illuminate hazards and clearly point the way to accomplishing goals. Take a true measure of the situation with Hamlyn’s trove of historical data.

Marketing Plan

Map a straight line to your sales success. Consider all things. Foresee tasks. Address challenges. Innovative and methodical, a well-prepared plan improves performance and gets you where you want to go.

Sales Recruitment

Good sales people are hard to find. Utilize Hamlyn’s years of sales training experience to spot the talent and the right fit for your organization.

Sales Training

Coach to strengths, instruct where needed and refine sales skills to produce results. Hamlyn trains for best success in relationship sales, telemarketing follow-up and prospect management. Nothing beats a well-prepared team.

Direct Mail

Successful direct response projects happen by integrating copy and design tuned to speak to qualified buyers. Hamlyn knows what works best and when; we have been tracking response rates for decades.


Telemarketing follow-up by Hamlyn professionals specifically trained to communicate with seniors on the telephone is combined with direct mail.


Support lead generating direct mail campaigns, and project your unique positioning to the target market.


Clarify your position in the marketplace. Give sales punch to all of your marketing materials by creating a positive impression.

Market Research

Competitive Analysis, Mystery Shopping, Market Saturation and Penetration – all provide important clues and keys to your success.

Electronic Marketing

Email blasts, social online networking – make sure that you are competitively positioned in this fast-moving new environment.

Internet Marketing

Your website and beyond – this is now one of the most cost effective and productive lead generating tools. Utilize it thoroughly for your sales benefit.

Media Planning

To accomplish marketing goals, Hamlyn turns concept into targeted creative and suggests the right media mix of print, direct mail, radio or television.

Public Relations

Integrate Into the Fabric of Life in Your Neighborhood
Awareness, positive attitudes and qualified leads are generated through professionally managed, creative promotion, networking, event and public relations programs.

Collateral Materials

Inform and Inspire Action
Tell your unique story with right-on targeted images and copy. Brochures, PowerPoint presentations and dynamic take-home pieces combine to enhance the sales outcome.

Incentive Programs

Hamlyn tailors innovative and customized incentive programs to move prospects forward in the sales process.

Event Planning

Assign this time-consuming, detail-oriented task to Hamlyn who does it all the time. Don’t miss a beat in your sales effort, by keeping sales staff focused on direct sales. Increase results by holding thought-provoking and creative events that build positive relationships and sales.


Is your marketplace far and wide? This specially designed campaign generates qualified leads in a wide geographic area without spending a fortune.