Digital Marketing Audit Service

Hamlyn_DMA_IconHow Does Your Digital Presence Compare to Your Competitors?

You know you need to market online, but unsure how? Are you trying multiple things but unhappy with the number of new customer inquiries you are receiving? Disappointed or confused why it isn’t helping to drive up increased occupancy? Or maybe you’ve heard everyone talking about it, but haven’t started. With more seniors using in-home care, and more facilities entering the market every day, Hamlyn and its partner Syndicate Strategies want to give you an edge on the competition to face these challenges. Our comprehensive and cost effective Digital Marketing Audit helps achieve this goal by giving insight into how well you’re doing online. The web is where people are evaluating options now more than ever before and you have to be using the best techniques if you want to attract more residents.

Because Syndicate Strategies is a top ranked national Google Certified Partner, our evaluation entails an analysis using the industry’s “best practice” standards.




HamlynHeartIconThe Digital Marketing Audit covers these online data points:

  • SEO – how well you show up on search engines (SEO) compared to your competitors
  • Analytics Review – a deep dive of your Google Analytics (or equivalent web logs) to measure traffic patterns and goals
  • Mobile – for many, half of their web traffic is coming from mobile and tablet devices. Is your site truly mobile-friendly?
  • Social Media – Facebook, blogs, – type of posts, likes, follows, content – because everyone is doing it, but very few are doing it right
  • Video – Enhancing the impact of your video, particularly on YouTube
  • Unique Selling Points (USP) and Offerings – how do your online descriptions of amenities, treatments, free tours and lunches  stack up against those of your competitors?
  • Online Advertising – an ever popular and cost-effective way to advertise. Are you advertising and are they effective?

After our audit, you will discover what’s working, what isn’t, what you can do better, and how you can outperform the competition.  Get valuable insights and advice on how to vastly improve your results.

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