Sales Training & Coaching

Need a Boost in Sales? You’ve Come to the Right Place

Whether you’re a large senior living provider, or smaller privately owned community, we’re here to help educate and empower your sales team using tried and true methods to sell senior housing. For nearly four decades, our sales training program has proven to be the foundation to our clients’ success. We understand the rapidly changing dynamics of the senior living industry, and we’ve been on the frontlines of the evolution—from old-fashioned admissions offices to modern relationship-based selling that speaks to today’s—and tomorrow’s—seniors.

Proven Sales Techniques that Work

Today’s consumers are well educated and informed. They demand more than ever. Gone are the days of “order taking” sales techniques. Consumers today want options, from the array of amenities your community offers, to the experiences it creates. They want to work with someone who is genuine, and they have high customer service standards whether over the phone, via email or in person. Building a trusting relationship with today’s prospects is essential, and our sales training program is designed to do just that.

A strong, relationship-based sales training program should be part of every community’s marketing effort. Our hands-on sales training is uniquely customized to your community, your mission, your sales team and your market.

Our proven sales training program is designed to educate, empower and enhance your sales team’s talents. We work one-on-one with each member of your team, coaching to his or her individual strengths. We’ll give your team the tools and know-how they need to progress the sale, seal the deal and maintain healthy occupancy in your community.

Our Sales Training Program goes beyond the basics and covers topics such as:

  • Know what you’re selling like the back of your hand.
  • Who are your competitors? It’s not just other retirement communities.
  • Understanding the consumer and what motivates them.
  • Sales ratios and goals – it’s a numbers game.
  • The impact of great telephone skills.
  • Relationship selling – educate first, sell second!
  • Features tell, benefits sell – uncovering a prospect’s needs.
  • Objections! And how to overcome any obstacle.
  • Closing queues and what to do.

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