Serving Seniors is your mission and your business. We help you preserve both.

Excellence in senior living as a mission is noble. We believe in your mission. We also believe that to achieve it, your business must thrive.

That’s why we’ve spent over 35 years immersing ourselves in the senior living industry to keep up with its growth, change and reinvention. We’ve used our discoveries as the basis for developing marketing strategies and communication techniques to help you:

  • develop a steady stream of qualified leads
  • close sales efficiently
  • cultivate relationships with solid referral sources
  • grow occupancy
  • sustain occupancy
  • increase revenue (and profit, if relevant)
  • communicate clearly and regularly across multiple media platforms
  • get known memorably

Whether your community is in distress, needs a marketing shot in the arm, or is looking to preserve stability, call Cathy Martin, CEO of Hamlyn, at 856.857.0800 to talk. She’s waiting to hear all about your goals and is ready, with an energetic team in place, to help you reach them.