Referral Networking

Healthy census in skilled care and assisted living relies on healthy relationships with local providers. Are your health care facilities at the top of the list when top hospitals refer their patients? What if you could see your healthcare services the way your referral sources do?

Read on to find out how.

Relationships Drive Revenue

Referrals are the most powerful and cost-effective form of marketing for skilled care and assisted living. Hamlyn’s industry connections link you with the people who help drive your revenues: at hospitals, ACO’s, medical offices, other senior care businesses, and with local seniors and their families. This results-oriented and cost-effective network approach promotes long-term business generation and census development.

Stand Out With Hamlyn

A stand out provider knows who their referral sources are and how those key sources view them: from case managers, to residents and families, to vendors, to your own team.

Hamlyn will:

  • Identify the most effective and successful areas of care and operations in your community and offer recommendations for promoting these stand-out features.
  • Identify areas of improvement in the referral and admissions process.
  • Develop a customized plan for your organization to reach acute care referral sources and their patients so that they will consistently choose your organization for care.
  • Recommend strategies for establishing partnerships within the medical and senior communities in your area to build referral traffic.

We’re dedicated to seeing providers succeed in complex and changing markets — we are here to help.

Click here to read more about Hamlyn’s unique strategy to referral networking and how we can help you build your referral network!

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