Sales Assessment

Hamlyn’s Sales Assessment Program gives you the tools to evaluate the effectiveness of your community’s sales programs. We provide insight into what’s happening behind the “numbers” so that you can respond on a timely basis to challenges that may create downward trends in your sales and occupancy results.

This up-to-date quantitative and qualitative information gives insight into customer perception relating to your sales staff, sales practices, and impressions of your community itself. You’ll also receive feedback from new residents and learn critical information from those who have not chosen to move in. The analysis provided by this program serves as a valuable tool to complement data-driven sales reports.


5 Key Components of the Sales Assessment Program

Mystery Shop Program – provides insight to the quality of your sales program by using web, telephone and in-person evaluations to evaluate your sales staff and process.

Post-Tour Surveys – provides valuable information from prospective residents who have visited the community, such as their satisfaction with the sales experience, likes and dislikes about the community and where else the prospect may be looking (the competition).

Post Move-In Surveys – provides helpful information about the satisfaction level of the new resident and resident referral potential, as well as valid information about the resident’s reasons for choosing this community over other options/competitors.

Lost Lead Surveys – completed on a regular basis as leads are moved from a status of “active” lead to “lost” lead (for reasons other than non-qualification based on health), this survey tests the validity of the transition to “lost,” including gathering information about a prospective resident choosing a competitive community.

Reports & Review of Results – a summary of quantitative and trend information of all surveys and mystery shops, along with a strategic assessment of the meaning of the gathered information, is provided in report form, and results are reviewed to facilitate effective interpretation of the information.

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